Cravewell and Founding Farmers


Cravewell is changing how people think about cravings. Rather than making people fight their cravings, Cravewell encourages people to actually give in - - to something better, of course! You’re craving anyway, so why not Cravewell?

Cravewell aims to bring nourishment to everyone’s daily lives by making Better-For-You snacks convenient, affordable, and easier - - making the journey to wellness a satisfying one. With its deliciously nourishing & fun-to- eat-value-for-money snacks, Cravewell makes giving in to cravings all-around better for you.

Made with 100% Real Ingredients, Cravewell makes itexcitingly easy for EVERYONE to snack better.

At Founding Farmers, we create alternative snacks that are nutritious and insanely delicious! Our Veggie Crisps utilizes VF technology to maximize nutrient availability. Made from 100% Real vegetables, these are gluten free, no cholesterol and contains no artificial flavors.

Our Roasted Edamame snack packs keeps you on the go with your daily portion of protein, iron, fiber & calcium.

Visit our Cravewell site here and Founding Farmers site here

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