Figgs Kombucha

About Us

Introducing a beverage that will do wonders for your health! Kombucha is a fermented tea drink that contains billions of tiny probiotics that aid your gut health and boost your immune system. Fruity, tangy and absolutely fizzy.. think soda but a lot healthier!

Flavored with Real Fruits 
The fruits added to flavor the kombucha blend well to create a unique and fun drink that your  will surely enjoy!  

A Good Gut Feeling
Figgs Kombucha is packed with good bacteria and healthy organic acids to give you A Good  Gut Feeling to start your day! This drink is a probiotic and is very effective in aiding  constipation. Just ask our customers or see for yourself :)  

Naturally Carbonated  
Our careful fermentation process and glass bottle packaging allows for carbonation to take  place naturally-- creating a fizzy, effervescent, and healthy drink! A great alternative to soda.

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