PlantLab MNL

Our Story At the heart of PlantLab, you’ll find a "family" committed to provide you honest to goodness food.

PlantLab was the brainchild of a family who wanted to start a revolution of collective responsibility. We may not be our brother’s keeper but somehow, all of our actions are interconnected.
Everything we do will have a direct impact to our family, our neighbor, our environment.
Where goodness is sown, goodness is reaped. Our earth is crying out for help. We have been depleting our soils, poisoning our lakes and oceans, and bombarding our food with the deadliest chemicals. Our children are getting sick of various diseases our ancestors have not heard of. Diabetes, hypertension, heart attack are but “common” illnesses that afflict our elders.

The Philippines is an agricultural country yet we have the lowest vegetable intake in Asia and one of the lowest in the world. Our farmers, the main producers of our food, are among the most financially deprived and the most neglected working group. We pay the doctors to cure our sickness but we don’t pay the farmers to keep us healthy. Why have we come to this? How can we improve the situation?

An enterprise that have sprouted from these social burdens, health problems, and financial setbacks, PlantLab operates to address these issues by providing all-natural, all-nutritious, all-Filipino vegan food products.
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