Crazy Carabao



With a vision of good craft beers into far flung places, Crazy Carabao is concentrating on providing quality draft beers into provincial region as well as as high end establishments in the Metro.
CRAZY CARABAO BREWERY is nestled in the foothills of Sta. Rosa Laguna. Approximately 1 hour south of Manila.
The brewery is a modern state of the art 20HL (2000 ltr per batch) with all the mods and cons for making exceptional quality craft beer.
With an established taproom in the middle of the brewery and an endless supply of beer, the said brewery is well set-up to handle corporate events or any private parties.
Crazy Carabao specializes in making boutique craft beers for quality establishments throughout the Philippines.
Since rolling out the first brews in 2015 and being completely FDA certified, Crazy Carabao is considered one of the premium players in the Philippines Craft Beer space.

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