Bamboo Double-Edged Shaving Razor
Bamboo Double-Edged Shaving Razor
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Bamboo Double-Edged Shaving Razor

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We all know personal grooming is extremely important in maintaining a clean and confident look. You can also do this sustainably! 

Check out our BAMBOO Double-edged shaving razor. Sustainably made with premium high-end aluminum alloy material with a chrome finish and a bamboo handle and allows for replaceable razor blades. A clean look that comes with a cleaner environment! 


- Simple & sustainable o Elegant & ergonomic o All-Natural bamboo handle - Bamboo produces a natural antimicrobial property called "Bamboo Kun" o Includes 1 replaceable razor blade 

Care Recommendations 

- Keep clean and dry after use 
- Keep in a dry place 
- Replace razor blades as needed 
- Maintain diligent care around children 

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