Bamboo "To go" Cutlery Set
Bamboo "To go" Cutlery Set
JR Organics

Bamboo "To go" Cutlery Set

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At home, in the office or the great outdoors. Where ever you are, our BAMBOO "To go" cutlery set will cater to your cutlery needs! 

Key features 

Simple & sustainable o Elegant & ergonomic o All-Natural bamboo - Bamboo produces a natural antimicrobial property called "Bamboo Kun" o Lightweight & compact o Durable to use, easy to clean! 

A BAMBOO "To go" cutlery set includes 

1 spoon
- 1 fork
- 1 cutlery knife
- 1 set of chopsticks  
- 1 straw  
- 1 straw cleaner
- JR Organics canvas cloth case 

Care Recommendations 

BAMBOO utensils 

- Always keep clean and dry. 
Store in a dry place. 


Canvas material cutlery case 

- Mix warm water and mild liquid laundry detergent (without bleach) in a bucket. Wet and scrub the canvas. Wet a clean sponge in the bucket and wipe it over the canvas. Follow with a scrub brush, scrubbing the seams and dirtiest areas first. 

- Check out this link for more information on how to clean canvas cloth materials. 

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