BigasPh - Native Blend

BigasPh - Native Blend

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BPh Native Blend (90% Red, 5% Black, 5% Brown)

Native Red, black and brown rice is a colorful power pack combination of all the healthy rice. They are all grown and harvested in the great plains of Central Luzon. These are whole grain rice, with bran, germ and endosperm still intact for a full nutritional benefit. Multi grain blend has complex carbohydrates for better digestion and has lower glycemic index. We highly recommend this for those who want to lose weight, gain energy, reduce blood sugar and those who just want to eat the delicious flavor of the colored rice. The texture is chewy with a little nutty flavor and as is usual, BIgasPh rice is always freshly milled for that “bagong bayo” aroma.

Weight: 5kg

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