EZ Depot - UV Kitchen Knives + Chopping Board
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EZ Depot - UV Kitchen Knives + Chopping Board

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The 2-in-1 Xiaomi Mofei Cutting / Chopping Board and Knife Set with Wireless UV Disinfection Machine Storage Base (Cooked Meat & Breads, Staple raw meats and seafood, Fruits & Vegetables Chopping Board + 3 Knives) will surely save you space in your kitchen. Not only will it save you space but also time in organizing your chopping boards and knife set.

And more importantly protect you and your family from possible harmful bacteria using its UV sanitizing function. The UV disinfecting machine serves as your knife anvil, a sterilizer and storage base.

- Deli Knife Board: Handles Ingredients such as cooked meat and bread, fruit & vegetable
- Knife Board: Handles vegetables, fruits and other ingredients
- Staple knife board: Handles fresh ingredients such as raw meat and seafood. Its handles are also well designed so you can comfortably fit your hand arc for comfortable chopping experience.

Model: MR1000
Voltage: 7.4V
Power: 1.5W
Cutting board size: 298 * 204 * 7.5MM
Battery capacity: 3000mAh
Total Measurement: 365 * 359 * 110MM

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